Classroom Assistant

Classroom Assistant

Crossing the Gap (CTG) has an excellent opportunity for a Classroom Assistant in Camden County. This position will provide support to the Class Leads during the English classes of the English Language Program. Classroom Assistants are responsible for encouraging an English-exclusive atmosphere by actively engaging the students. They build relationships with students and work alongside them during classroom activities. They also support the Class Leads as directed, help to set up & clean up the classroom, and model correct English.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Arrive before class starts to welcome students and assist in set-up, stay after class ends to converse with students and assist in clean-up. Support students in class by working side-by-side with them during activities and following direction of Class Leads. Engage students in English conversation in a warm, encouraging manner which supports the student’s sense of comfort both in class activities and in general conversation. Submit availability to the Program Coordinator in advance of semester and commit to assigned dates of volunteering. Adhere to volunteer schedule and provide 48 hours notice to the Program Coordinator when unable to attend. Report any questions or issues that arise to the Program Coordinator. Utilize advertising packets to distribute posters & materials about the class to a limited area once a month according to the protocol provided. Attend English Language Program volunteer meetings on bimonthly basis, as scheduled. It is encouraged that classroom assistants build relationships with students to better understand their needs.


Classroom Assistants: Must be fluent in English and speak in a clear, articulate manner. Friendly demeanor, able to engage students in conversation. Must have transportation to/from classes and events.

Time Commitment

Time Commitment: two to four 90 minute classes per month, bimonthly meetings of 60 minutes, monthly advertising sessions of 60 minutes

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