Class Lead

Class Lead

Crossing the Gap (CTG) has an excellent opportunity for a Class Lead in Camden County. This position will plan lessons for and direct the English Immersion sessions of the English Language Program under the Program Coordinator and Curriculum Director. Class Leads are responsible for planning & leading lessons for our English program. They encourage an English-exclusive atmosphere through the activities they plan, build relationships with students, take attendance, and give direction to the Classroom Assistant volunteers. While prior teaching background is helpful, it is not required as all Class Leads are provided with training.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Plan and lead lessons according to curriculum outline. Communicate consistently with partner Class Lead in order to relay topics recently taught in class and maintain continuity between lessons. Submit lesson plans to Curriculum director 48 hours before class for review, communicate with Curriculum director regarding questions or issues with lesson planning. Set-up and clean-up classroom. Provide direction to Classroom Assistants as needed. Take attendance of students and follow-up with missing students according to protocol. Submit availability to the Program Coordinator in advance of semester and commit to assigned dates of volunteering. Adhere to volunteer schedule and provide 48 hours notice to the Program Coordinator when unable to attend. Report any questions or issues that arise to the Program Coordinator. Utilize advertising packets to distribute posters & materials about the class to a limited area once a month according to the protocol provided. Attend English Language Program volunteer meetings on bimonthly basis, as scheduled. It is encouraged that Class Leads seek relationships with students to better understand their needs.


Class Leads: Must be fluent in English and speak in a clear, articulate manner. Possess a friendly demeanor, able to engage students in conversation. 2+ year or Bachelor's degree preferred but not required. Experience managing and speaking to a large group preferred.

Time Commitment

Two to four 90 minute classes per month, bimonthly meetings of 60 minutes, monthly advertising sessions of 60 minutes.

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