July Update

Hello all!

Here is what’s new at Crossing the Gap.

Monday Night ESL Class!

Our Monday night English class is going great!  We’ve increased in size to about 25 adult students with 5-8 children weekly. 

New Website!

We are in the midst of recreating our website on a .org platform to replace our .com website. Please be patient with us as we work out the kinks!  The goal is for it to be launched by July 25th.  If you have any pictures from CtG events that you would like to share with us, please send them in!

New Partnerships!

We recently partnered with the Center for Family Service's Family Success Center in Clementon.  CTG will offer our ESL classes out of their building in Clementon on Thursday nights starting on July 25th at 5pm.

We also recently formed a partnership with the Camden County Partnership for Children. They are a state-backed Care Management Organization for families of children with special needs. One of their state-mandated tasks is to run a county-wide resource database called ResourceNet. Rather than create our own database, CtG is going to use their database and partner with CCPC to help expand it. In exchange for CCPC adding more languages to their database in order to make it more refugee friendly, we will assist CCPC in recruiting more services in Camden County to put their information in ResourceNet so that the database is more comprehensive, particularly focusing on services that immigrants might need.  Additionally, we may help fund the new translations for the database.

Future Goals!

For the next few months, CtG’s focus will be on fundraising. We need to raise $1000 more in monthly subscribed donors over the next three months. From there we hope to increase our monthly support to $2000 over the next 6-12 months. In addition, the goal is for CtG to host 1-2 more fundraiser events in 2019.  If you have suggestions for fundraising events or would like to help organize one, let us know!

A secondary goal focus will be on soliciting and training new volunteers. As we’ve grown, the number and variety of volunteer roles have grown as well.  CtG admins are going to be developing current and future volunteer roles into one-sheet "job descriptions" so these positions can be advertised like jobs and also function as a volunteer agreement.  This way, both volunteers and volunteer coordinators are clear about what their role requires of them.

Volunteer Needs!

  • ESL Classes

    Monday night class has been running well, but we still need more volunteers. If one person calls out of their shift last minute, there is always a frantic scramble to find someone to fill that spot.  We are especially in need of more transportation & childcare volunteers.

    Thursday night class needs a full staff.  This includes
    class leads, class assistants, childcare and transportation volunteers.

  • Administration

    A few more people are needed for administrative tasks, such as responding to volunteer emails, reaching out to business contacts or keeping the student database up to date.

  • Marketing and Advertising

    In the short term, we need help advertising the new language class in Clementon by passing out flyers or putting up signs.  In the long run, we need people to both research new ways to advertise (ex: social media, flyers in stores, etc) and a team of people to physically go out and hang posters in coffee shops or libraries.

  • Fundraising and Events

    CtG is hoping to host two more fundraising events before the end of the year.  Past events have included a charity concert, an international dinner, and even a yard sale.  If you have suggestions for fundraising events that have worked well for you or someone you know in the past, would like to help organize a fundraising event, or would just like to help out at the next fundraising event, let us know!

Important Upcoming Dates in July:

  • New Volunteer Orientation on July 11th at 5pm at Fellowship Community Church at Collingswood

    All new volunteers are required to attend.

  • New Class Lead Training on July 17th at 6:30pm at FCC Collingswood

    Only volunteers who will newly be serving as Class Leads are required to come.

  • Monthly Volunteer Meeting on July 28th at 2pm at FCC Collingswood 

    This meeting will discuss fundraising, marketing, networking/partnering with new organizations and other volunteer opportunities that are not related to the ESL program