August Update

The weather is heating up, but we’re not slowing down!  Crossing the Gap continues to grow in both outreach and attendance.  Exciting new things are on the way and we need your help to make them succeed.  Check it out!

Thursday ESL Class Launch!
– July 25th was the first Thursday night ESL class at our new Clementon location at the Family Success Center.  We are proud to report that it was a success and that both volunteers and students had a great time. This class will run from 7/25 until 8/29.  Interested in volunteering? It’s not too late to sign up!

Monday ESL Class Break!
– The Monday night ESL class hosted at Fellowship Community Church will be taking a summer break until 8/19 to give students and volunteers some time off.

New Volunteer Opportunity!
– Starting 8/10, the second Saturday of every month will be dedicated to advertising for Crossing the Gap and the ESL classes.  We will meet from 9am-12pm and hang up posters in coffee shops, stores, and other local businesses. This is a family-friendly volunteer opportunity and we highly encourage kids to get involved.

Important Upcoming Dates in August:

  • New Volunteer Orientation on August 5th at 6:30pm at Fellowship Community Church at Collingswood.  All new volunteers are required to attend.
  • Teacher’s Training on August 7th at FCC Collingswood.  New Class Leads should arrive at 6pm; experienced Class Leads should show up at 7pm.  Only volunteers who are serving as Class Leads are required to come.
  • Worship & Prayer Night on August 11th at 6:00pm at FCC Collingswood.  This will be a praise and prayer session.  Praise will be given for the growth that has happened in and through CTG and prayer will be given for the needs of our students, volunteers, and organization overall. 
  • Monthly General Volunteer Meeting on August 25th at 2pm at FCC Collingswood. This meeting will discuss fundraising, marketing, networking/partnering with new organizations and other volunteer opportunities that are not related to the ESL program. 

Volunteer Needs:

  • ESL Classes
    Thursday night class went extremely well, but we’d like for it to keep growing.  We need more class leads, class assistants, childcare and transportation volunteers for both Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Fundraising and Events
    CTG has begun planning the two final events of the year.  However, we could use more volunteers for them to succeed.  There is room for both behind-the-scenes planning and day-of event staffing.

Want to help out but don’t have the time right now?  Consider donating to Crossing the Gap directly here instead. Thank you so much!