Our Story

Crossing the Gap is a nonprofit focused on connecting refugees and immigrants to resources in Camden County. We formed after our founder, Alison DiGiacomo, identified a need in the community while observing these underserved populations. Despite the existence of free services, many families went unaware of where these resources were or how to access them.
Her response was to create Crossing the Gap.

Our Mission

To provide quality English language services to local refugees and immigrants in order to link them to existing community resources that will enable participants to engage in their community successfully.
To facilitate a platform where immigrant families can build connections with one another as well as with American locals, thereby helping them become established and confident members of our community
To connect immigrant families to existing services by creating a network, increasing communication amongst disparate organizations, and assisting with transportation between various services
To support the needs of recent immigrants that are not already provided for through existing organizations

What We Do

From the beginning, we have launched projects that address the needs of the community through community. English classes focused on confidence in speaking, community events that promote organic friendships, and gap services designed to overcome barriers of access all work to involve refugee and immigrant families in their new community and better address the boundaries that separate them from resources.

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Get Involved

If you're interested in what we're doing, we encourage you to get involved. We accept volunteers regardless of skill level or background. You could attend our English classes, where you will work with students face-to-face, join our outreach team as we spread awareness in the community, or help behind the scenes with research, design, or social media projects. Donations are also vital to our growth, as we use them for class supplies, event activities, and outreach.

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